BATE: Raleigh is a jack-off club where men aged 21 and older can get naked and play with other men privately and comfortably.

Our Mission!

To promote and host men-only group jack-off events that foster and expand our sexual awareness while building a culture of mutual respect, dignity, and inclusivity among our brothers in a judgment-free environment.

October 2023

Launched and hosted first event in Raleigh


Events hosted since October 2023


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Down and Dirty

Code of Conduct

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Who are the members?

The members of BATE: Raleigh are just like and come from all different backgrounds. Every event is fun and exciting because of the unexpected mix of guys that may attend. We thrive off of the diversity of our events.

We DO NOT discriminate against:

What Have Guys Said About BATE: Raleigh


As one of those first-timers, I can say it was an ideal intro to the group setting. Felt safe, comfortable, intensely enjoyable. It was a blast! Several, in fact.

Hi have to say, although wicked shy, I had a nice time! It’s my first time being part of such a club. Definitely looking forward to round 4 💦

Meetings include a diverse group of playful and welcoming guys of all body shapes, demographics, ages, and cock sizes. The meeting are hot, safe, and smoothly run with professional polish. If you’ve ever been curious about group play and haven’t pulled the trigger yet - this is a great place to start. If you’re on the fence, come to a gathering and just feel the vibes with no expectation to perform, touch, or be touched. You’ll probably find you’re ready to jump in shortly after arriving.

Walked in to some nice dudes jacking. Very inviting atmosphere. Had a fantastic time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that we get about BATE: Raleigh. Here are just some of the frequently asked questions that we receive. 

No, there is no anal or oral sex allowed at a BATE: Raleigh event.

Currently events are held in the Raleigh area at a local hotel. We plan to find our own hosting venue in the future.

To find our when our next event is, check the calendar. Every scheduled BATE: Raleigh event is added to the online calendar as soon as it is confirmed.

BATE: Raleigh schedule can vary. We do plan to hold 2-3 events per month.

No, you are not required to play with or touch anyone at the events. You get to decide who, if anyone to be your playmate.

Yes, there is a cost to attend a BATE: Raleigh event; the cost is $25 for non-annual members and $20 with an annual membership. Click here to learn more about memberships.

You can pay in advance during registration; by paying in advance your spot is guaranteed at the event. If you would like to pay at the door, you will be added to our waitlist unless you have an annual membership.

BATE: Raleigh recognizes the paramount importance of each member’s privacy. Our commitment is to create a secure environment at all our events, ensuring that every individual’s personal information is held in strict confidence. However, complete anonymity is not legally feasible.

As a private club, state law mandates us to authenticate and maintain certain personal details of all members. This is a strict policy without exceptions.

We stand firm in our policy to not disclose any member’s personal information, unless it is necessitated by a legal order such as a subpoena or for a public health inquiry.