About Us

About Us

BATE: Raleigh is modeled after classic jack-off clubs.

As a private social club organizing group jack-off events for a diverse group of adult men, we facilitate social sex play centered on jerking off and mutual touch, highlighting bold and open expressions of male sexual energy.

BATE: Raleigh was established in October 2023, following in the footsteps of influential jack-off clubs like Rain City Jacks (Seattle, WA), Denver Jacks (Denver, CO), Austin Jacks (Austin, TX), and Motor City Jacks (Detroit, MI), among others. Many jack-off clubs today were influenced by the New York Jacks. The New York Jacks, recognized as the original modern JO club, was founded in 1980 and is still active today. They pioneered the culture of group jack off and established the universal rules of “No lips below the hips” and “Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything,” which have been adopted and spread globally ever since.

BATE: Raleigh is meant to be social, sexual, immediate, intimate, diverse, respectful, egalitarian, fun, fair, sexy, genuine, and completely satisfying. It offers a unique environment where any man can masturbate with like-minded individuals; witness, facilitate, and revel in every ejaculation; and indulge fully and shamelessly in a complete focus on the penis. BATE: Raleigh is simply the best way to experience an all-male orgy without any real downsides.

Members of BATE: Raleigh include many who prefer masturbation as their primary sexual expression, but the group is not exclusively for jack-off fetishists. It is a community of men who appreciate all forms of sex and honor each man’s desires, whether they are for men or women, long-term partnerships, polyamory, NSA play, or solosex. The members range from the very vanilla to the utterly kinky and everything in between. BATE: Raleigh is a fantastically mixed community of authentic men who connect around the common ground of social masturbation.

Our Mission

BATE: Raleigh seeks to foster a judgment-free, inclusive environment where adult men can explore, connect, and celebrate their shared interests in masturbation. We are dedicated to promoting safety, respect, and honesty, uniting men from diverse backgrounds in mutual understanding and erotic exploration.


Attending BATE: Raleigh events incur a fee, the specific amount of which will be determined, to cover essential expenses such as lube, space rental, and other necessary supplies. At present, we do not charge a membership fee, though this policy may be subject to change in the future. Generous donations to support our community and its offerings are always appreciated and accepted.


BATE: Raleigh welcomes men from all walks of life, including those identifying as gay, straight, bisexual, solo sexual/solo flexible, men of color, men of all body types, men with disabilities, and transgender men. All members must be 21 years of age or older to join.

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