What to expect

Arrive on time!

Our events are not open-house style. We’ve set an “arrival window” for all attendees, typically 30-45 minutes after the event’s official start time. This ensures the flow and experience for all guests remain optimal.

Let's get you checked in!

Once you’ve arrived, one of our dedicated volunteers or I will assist you in the check-in process and address any queries you might have.

  • Verify membership status
  • Check ID to verify age
  • Collect entry fee (if not paid in advance)
  • Answer any questions
  • Get wrist band, number tag and clothing bag

You're now ready to play with the other Bators!

Remember to follow the BATE: Raleigh Code of Conduct. Failing to comply with the Code of Conduct could result in you being asked to leave the event, return to conditional member status, or be banned from attending BATE: Raleigh events.

Ready to play, but you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, there’s no rush—take the time you need to acclimate. Feel free to start as a voyeur; when you feel comfortable and ready, you can join in the action.

Always remember, consent isn’t just important—it’s sexy. Your mindfulness and respect for others’ boundaries contribute to a harmonious and pleasurable experience for everyone involved.

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