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Annual Membership

$ 60
  • 365-Day Membership
  • Includes First Event
  • Discounts available†

Drop-in Pass

$ 25
  • Good for one event
  • Community Exploration
  • Flexibility

†Event fee discounts are available to Annual Members when volunteering, or showing current proof of status as active duty or veteran military, teacher, first responders or associated with partner organizations. Annual Dues: $40. Event fee: $20.

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BATE: Raleigh hosts between two and four group jack-off events per month in a welcoming space, usually a hotel suite, where members can relax or lie down with a companion and plenty of room for standing and wandering.  Lube (BatorBalm or Coconut Oil) is conveniently accessible and portioned in individual cups for hygiene and ease of use. Clean washcloths and moist wipes are available for swift clean-up. Mouthwash and soap are stocked in the restroom. BATE: Raleigh makes it effortless for men to arrive, disrobe, and jerkoff openly with peers. We provide everything you need. All that’s required is for you to make your way here and join in.

Why Should You Join?

Safest Option

At a Bate event, you're engaging in one of the safest forms of sexual interaction possible. Our community standards significantly reduce the likelihood of STI transmission, making our gatherings not only enjoyable but also secure. As a member of BATE: Raleigh, you'll have the chance to experience profound sexual pleasure with numerous men throughout the year, all while maintaining your health and well-being. It's a delightful and reassuring benefit of being part of our community.

Real Connections

BATE: Raleigh members understand the distinction between fleeting encounters and genuine connections, between living out fantasies and embracing reality. While hookup apps may often lead us to solitary daydreams rather than real interactions, as a member of BATE: Raleigh, you engage in physical contact with real, living men, moving beyond the mere allure of technology.


We invite men to discover shared pleasure in a setting that's free from harm and guarantees privacy. Here, you'll find a cozy and inviting space where it's safe to be your authentic self, engage in social sexuality, and form intimate friendships. We hold the view that sex should be both enjoyable and fulfilling, and we strive to create an atmosphere where fun and satisfaction go hand in hand.

Drug & Alcohol Free

Our events are free from alcohol and drugs, ensuring that the only intoxication comes from the overwhelming presence of men and the vibrant sexual energy. Members are welcome to partake in substances afterward, but anyone arriving under the influence will be kindly asked to return at a later date. By maintaining a fully present and clear-headed environment, we foster a space where everyone feels secure and safe to interact on equal footing.

Mutual Respect

BATE: Raleigh welcomes men of all backgrounds and interests, united by our shared interest in communal pleasure and a commitment to upholding the dignity of the club and its members. We strictly prohibit any form of cruelty, disrespect, or unconsented contact. Our space is inclusive, permitting every member to express his true self and connect with like-minded individuals. At the heart of our ethos is a deep-seated respect for each other, which guides all our interactions.

Annual Membership

Bate: Raleigh offers an annual membership for just $60, covering 365 days and including one free event entry to use any time during the year. Each additional event you choose to attend is only $20. As an annual member, you also get access to exclusive event discounts for students, K–12 teachers, U.S. military personnel (both active and veterans), first responders and members of our partner organizations, upon presenting valid proof like a student or military ID. Moreover, annual members can enjoy complimentary admission by either volunteering for Bate: Raleigh events or by sponsoring new members.

Drop-in Pass

Bate: Raleigh offers a Drop-in Pass for just $25 per event, you can immerse yourself in our welcoming, safe and inclusive community, whether you're here for a short stay or simply exploring new experiences. Flexibility: Perfect for out-of-town visitors or locals with busy schedules who can't commit to regular attendance. Community Exploration: Get a real feel for BATE: Raleigh's vibrant community and decide if you'd like to be a more regular part of our gatherings. Join us for an event and experience the unique energy and warmth of our community firsthand! Join an event

Bate: Raleigh is a tangible, real-life club where you can meet and interact with actual men in the flesh, experiencing the joy of physical connection and mutual consent. Your membership comes to life in person, offering a genuine experience far beyond the digital realm. To get started, though, we ask that you enroll online first, setting the stage for your in-person involvement and real-world adventures.

Newcomers can decide to sign up online (please click the provided link) to join Bate: Raleigh. Your registration details will be held in a “pending” status for 30 days and will only be activated upon your first visit, where you’ll need to verify your identity with your ID and settle any applicable fees. Should you not attend within the 30-day window, your information will be automatically removed from our system.

Click here to sign up now if you’re a new member and looking forward to attending our next event at Bate: Raleigh! It’s important to complete your registration before you arrive; otherwise, you’ll have to do it on your phone at the event.

On the day of the event, please come to the Bate: Raleigh event with your driver’s license or state-issued ID, and your payment confirmation if paid online. If paying in-person you will need bring your payment method—cash, credit, or debit card ($60 for Annual). After we verify your details, we’ll provide a quick orientation session for new members. Following that, you can secure your belongings with the bag and number tag provided and dive into the experience! Make sure to review the membership agreement and code of conduct before signing up.